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Cámara de Comercio de Granada.

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  1. Publicado: 20 septiembre, 2014 a las 15:38 | Permalink

    why dont you start from scratch. i think you dont want to cahglenle yourself to work 24/7! stop taking the easy way out! when are you going to become a innovator and leader? just wondering.

  2. Publicado: 20 febrero, 2015 a las 13:36 | Permalink

    a couple of thngis which have been coming to me as problems’ with the sustainability / climate change campaigning have been the but there’s no point in us doing anything because what about china’ issue, & also the general problem of there being a certain level of sanctimoniousness amongst some of the loudest campaigners that they give an impression of seeing themselves as perfect examples of the sustainable living, whilst the rest of us are just willfully raping the planet.what’s occurred to me as a solution to the first problem is trying to encourage a level of altruism in making sustainable choices, which works just as well on the personal level as it does on the international level yes, the developing world does have an entitlement to the best standard of living, which will inevitably involve more co2 than we’ld really want, so how about the developed world doing more of its share of the work so the developing world doesn’t have to? Not everybody can realistically travel to work by bus, train, or cycle so how about those who live on the bus route which goes past both their homes & their places of work with a 20 minute journey between them, using the bus so those who don’t don’t have to?the other problem could be handled by campaigners being as willing to own up to their own personal failings as much as their achievements i’m trying to encourage a blog climate change chain of action for that kind of thing to at least happen in the blogosphere !

  3. Publicado: 24 marzo, 2015 a las 17:02 | Permalink

    Posted on I just now wanted to thank you a lot more for that amnzaig web site you have produced here. It really is full of ideas for those who are actually interested in that subject, in particular this very post. Your all amnzaigly sweet and also thoughtful of others and reading your website posts is an excellent delight if you ask me. And thats a generous reward! Mary and I will certainly have fun making use of your guidelines in what we need to do in a few weeks. Our collection of ideas is a distance long and tips might be put to great use.

  4. Publicado: 1 abril, 2015 a las 09:00 | Permalink

    – Thank you for the reply, and I can understand you perfectly so no need to apologise. You’re right, the old desktop that I love is going away. Nothing I can do about that. I found Unity didn’t suit me but I don’t know that Gnome 3 will either. I’m just trying it now. I might well end up on XFCE because this is closer to the desktop I like. You can’t stop progress I suppose. Maybe I’m old fashioned but these new shells don’t work the way my brain does.

  5. Publicado: 1 abril, 2015 a las 09:15 | Permalink

    The funny thing is, I thought that Katie Couric was an air-head, and now, she looks like a freaking genius. I continue to ask, who is going to kill the chickens when we have to move back to the farm? Will I have to buy a gun? If not for Homeland Security, maybe I could get out this country…..Carol in Indiana of all places…

  6. Publicado: 4 abril, 2019 a las 09:34 | Permalink

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